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The volumes of information coming in regarding our solar system is transforming our knowledge of the Earth and our place in the universe. This site was created to provide students with a jumping off point for their own investigations. I hope you find it useful. Planetary research, including the search for extrasolar planets and the search for extraterrestrial intellegence is absolutely essential for knowing why, and how we are promote and support the science, technology and engineering that will carry humanity through to the third millennium.


This site is dedicated to the planetary pioneers of our age, particularly three people who had the vision of discovery and showed us worlds that were at one time imagination, now are realities...Carl Sagan, Jacques Cousteau, and Gene Shoemaker. You are out there, and we thank you all for your work to stir imagination and wonder. May the next generation be so lucky to have giants such as you in their midst.

Latest News

Cassini: Exploration of Saturn
Arrived June 30/July1 2004

Returning spectacular pictures of the rings of Saturn as it arrived after a 10 year journey, Cassini promises to amaze us yet again with images and information from the solar system. My hats off to the crew of this wandering robot.

Planetary Society: Cassini

Cassini-Huygens Home

Cyclops: Cassini Imaging

Robot Invasion of Mars!
A flotilla of robots are heading to the Red Planet. Check out the latest at:
Planetary Society's Wild About Mars Pasadena live, Jan 3-4 2004

Mars Exploration Rovers Latest NEWS from Spirit and Opportunity

Spirit Pan (click to enlarge)

Opportunity Pan (click to enlarge)

Mars Orbiter Camera Images
ESA's Mars Express Home Page (with Beagle 2 lander, due Dec 2003)
Japan's troubled Nozimi (Hope) Mars probe
Martian Soil Daily blog on Mars news

The X Prize: $10M to the first commercial human space flight

China launches their first astronaut (Yang Liwei) Oct 15 2003:
CNN report

Return to the Moon
The Chinese and theJapanese are going. Several commercial firms are going. The Moon is an obvious stepping stone to the rest of the solar system. Check out the latest endeavors to the moon:
Moon Society An international non-profit educational and scientific foundation formed to further scientific study and development of the moon.
Artemis Project When do you want to go?

Genesis Mission: Launch August 7, Sample recovery September 2004
Genesis Mission Home
The Genesis mission is designed to collect a piece of the Sun, and return it to Earth. It is the first mission to partner with education research laboratory (McREL) to provide education and public outreach for a mission. Check it out!

Mars Odyssey: Launch April 7 Arrived October 24 2001
Mars Odyssey Homepage
Mars Odyssey Launch video
The 2001 Mars Odyssey launched April 7th on a journey to search for evidence of life on Mars. May the demons of Mars be gone! And by the way, thanks to NASA and JPL for great video of the launch!

International Space Station
Human Space Flight
The international permanent presence in space has begun, and Mir is gone for good. Long live Mir! We were all proud Canadians as Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut, installed our contribution to the International Space Station, the Canadarm II, in the first Canadian spacewalker. (I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Hadfield and the crew of STS101 in Ottawa, July 1st, Canada Day. What a great bunch!)

See our ISS simulation project, CS4: the Canadian Student Space Station Simulator...a pioneering effort by the students of St. Peter High School, Orleans Ontario Canada.

Support the Pluto Mission
The Planetary Society
Help support the call for NASA to reinstate the mission to Pluto, the only planet not visited by our robots.

MESSENGER: Mercury Mission
The mission to the inner planet

Exploratorium: Hubble Space Telescope
California's Exploratorium tells the story behind the scope of the century. See the Webcast schedule.

Space Weather
The latest news from an active sun...your internet connection depends on the weather. See if any CME's are heading this way!

Scotty's Planet WAVE


General Planetary

Space Exploration

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The Sun

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Earth and Moon

Ahhh, the home planet. Much is to be learned about the mechanisms that run this amazing place, the processes that allow us to live and sit at computer terminals and read web pages. The view from space has certainly changed the way we look at the world. NASA's Mission to Planet Earth has, and will continue, to provide us with the insights about what makes Gaia tick.

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[See top of this page for the latest news on the Mars invasion]

Who can forget Pathfinder and Sojourner? And now, spectacular pictures coming from MGS, the Mars Global Surveyor. The failure of the Polar Lander, and the Climate Orbiter was certainly disappointing, but the lessons are learned (?) and we can expect big things over the next few years. What an exciting time to live! Keep track of Mars initiatives at:

Pathfinder pic!
So far away yet so close to home!

A whole flotilla of spacecraft is being prepared for Mars for the next decade. With luck, we will have a whole new set of answers (and questions!), in regards to the Red Planet. Mars has always fascinated me, it is the one world so much like home. I'm sure life or evidence thereof will be found there. I've assembled some links for you as a means to learn more about this exciting world, hope you enjoy. Let me know if you know of others.

Hubble thumbnail
This image from the Space Telescope Science Institute. Borrowed with permission.




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Asteroids and Comets

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Comets and Beyond

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Other Stellar Systems


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